Lights Pirelli

1 Power Green/Red Solid Green Power on Solid Red Boot Loader Failure Off Power off

 2 Ethernet Green On Ethernet link established Blinking LAN activity present (traffic in either direction) Off No Ethernet link established

 3 Wireless LAN Green On Wireless functionality enabled Blinking Wireless LAN activity present (traffic in either direction) Off Wireless functionality disabled

 4 USB Device Green On USB Link established Blinking USB activity present (traffic in either direction) Off No USB link established

5 Phone§ Green On One of the FXS ports has been registered with a SIP proxy server Blinking One of the telephones is off-hook Off Modem power off or phone line 1 or 2 not registered

 6 ADSL link Green On DSL connected Blinking DSL attempting synchronization Off No cable connected / No DSL line active

 7 Internet activity Green/Red Solid Green WAN IP address available (e.g. PPP active) Blinking Green IP connected and IP traffic is passing through device (either direction) Solid Red WAN IP address not available (e.g. PPP failure) Off Modem power off or the modem is in bridged mode or ADSL connection not present REAR PANEL The rear panel of the Router contains a reset button, a power adapter socket,

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